Extreme Adulting Day 2: Clarity

Extreme Adulting Day 2: Clarity

Clarity is a funny thing. You can go through life doing things blindly without understanding why, or even realize that you are, until...wham. One day you're confronted with proof positive that other people think the same way you do on certain matters. It's kind of an amazing thing. Recently, I've read two books that have [...]

Extreme Adulting Day 1: Welcome to Sobriety

I started my sober month with a hangover because...well, of course I did. Nothing coffee and chicken tacos couldn't take care of, but I have to admit—there wasn't a whole lot of adulting going on today. I mean, I binge watched the entire second season of UnREAL on Hulu. Aside from that, I guess my [...]

On the unique challenges of thriving on lateral change

It can be bewildering to finally get what you want. I've always been an obsessive person. I obsessively do just about everything I do, whether it is wallowing in my own misery, researching an interesting topic, dieting, or planning a trip. I've been planning on moving to Mexico since February of 2015. Since then, I [...]